Gift Coin FAQ ( 1 Gift Coin = 1 )

1. What is a Gift coin?
A Gift coin is a coin that you get by performing some task; any person can earn it, whether it is a user of RSJIO or a normal user.
2. How to use Gift coins?
You can use Gift coins for shopping from India Needs.
3. Where can I check my Gift Coin Balance?
You can check the balance of the gift coin by going to your account on the India Needs website and then going to the My Money section.
Or - You can check directly by clicking on this link.
4. How do I earn more Gift coins?
  1. RSJIO users earn Gift coins by performing certain tasks.
  2. Normal users can also earn from this,-
To earn it,
  1. You have to go to your account section on the India Needs website Click on Add Gift coin.
  2. After that, a list will appear in front of you so that you can add as many coins as you want to your Gift coin account.
5. What happens to Gift coins if the order is cancelled?

If you use Gift Coins for shopping and cancel the order for any reason, your Gift Coins will be re-added to your Gift coin balance.

6. On what products will I get the option to use ''Gift coin''?
The use of the ''Gift coin'' option is available on every product sold by India Needs and will be visible on the product page along with the regular price.
7. How is 'Gift coin Price' calculated?
'Gift coin Price' is a price predetermined by India Needs. Customers can avail themselves of great deals at this price by using their Gift coins.
8. How many gift coins can I use in a single order?
To buy the products, you can use the gift coin up to a limit.