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Body Scrubber

  • 【Ideal For All Skin Types】 The scrubber is suitable for different people, children, kids, the elderly, men, and women. It can be used on external parts of your body - arms, legs, chest, back and you can use rich lotion or cream to keep your body healthy.
  • 【Efficient Cleanning】The dense brush head side can penetrate into pores to clean dirt and exfoliate effectively. The harder particle side can massage the back to improve Vascular Blood Circulation and help your skin metabolic toxins.
  • 【Hygienic and Eco-Friendly】Our exfoliating brush can easily clean your back, neck, shoulder, and feet. Silicone body brush will quickly dry which can greatly reduce the survival rate of bacteria, mites.
  • 【Lengthened Edition】Back Scrubber for Shower has a telescopic elastic function, Lengthen to 31 inches, more than a thousand fine brushes and two large handles, scrubbing for your whole back easily.
  • 【Made of Food-Grade Silicone】Silicone body scrubber is made of Eco friendly, non-toxic, and durable Food-Grade silicone, more hygienic than loofah, soft and comfortable for men, women, and kids.
Product More Description

  • Material:             Silicone

  • Ideal For:            Men & Women

  • Use As:               Professional Care

  • In The Box:        1 Bath Brush

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